1. Rights and obligations of the parties
1) Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from responsibility for their violation. You automatically agree with the following rules when you register on the project.
2) In case of violation of any of these rules in relation to you by another player or a representative of the Administration of the project, you can complain on the appropriate contacts listed on the website of the project, providing all the necessary evidence of the violation.
3) This server has no subscription system, in no way forces players to pay for access to the server and is free. Maintaining stable access and smooth operation of the server is not a priority duty of the Administration of the project.
4) The administration of the project will take all necessary steps to restore the server and access to it, in case of failure or difficulties.
5) Any technical work performed by the Administration of the project aimed at increasing the comfort of stay on the server or to solve technical problems or malfunctions.
6) The administration of the project is not responsible for damages or lost profits of a particular person or group of persons in connection with the partial or complete inability to play on the server.
7) The administration of the project has the right at any time to block access to the server or the project to a particular person, group of people, a particular IP address or an entire subnet without explanation.
8) The administration of the project does not participate in the gameplay process except for cases of planned events or cases related to violation of the rules.
9) The administration of the project is not responsible for any lost game values and is not obliged to carry out the return of things.
10) All the contents of all accounts are the property of the Project Administration.
11) The requirements of the Project Administration should be strictly adhered to without exception.
12) The owner of the account is responsible for all actions performed by a malefactor from his account. The login and password for the account should be known only to the account owner and no one else.
13) It is the responsibility of the players to independently monitor and remove the forbidden software on the devices from which they access the game server permanently or temporarily in order to avoid all sorts of embarrassing misunderstandings.
14) You are not buying anything and we are not selling anything. You help the server insofar as the server can help you. The exchange is recognized as equal and is considered as charity.

2. Interaction with server administration
1) Any actions of the Administration of the project are not subject to discussion and criticism.
2) Appeal to the Administration of the project should contain a clearly worded question regarding the work of the server or project. The problem or complaint should also be clearly and correctly formulated. The use of profanity is strictly prohibited. (Administration has the right to ignore the treatment of the player if it does not meet the above requirements)
3) Established penalties, and the decision made by the Administration of the project penalties are not subject to discussion.
4) Intentional misleading and deception of the Project Administration may result in temporary or total blocking of access to the project.
5) The contents of correspondence with the Administration of the project is not subject to publication or disclosure in partial or full form without prior approval of the Administration.
6) Spreading rumors about the project, slander, disrespectful attitude, threats of any kind and other inappropriate behavior towards the Administration of the project may result in temporary or complete blocking of access to the project.

3. Communication and gameplay
1) Insulting and humiliation, unfounded aggression, explicit provocation of any kind, manifestations of racism and nationalism, threats to life and health, and other improper conduct with respect to other players or groups of players, united on any grounds (Clan / PC / Alliance / Race / Nation / Language, etc.) is prohibited.
2) Posting messages that violate the current laws of your country is forbidden.
3) Explicit or implicit advertising of services and materials with erotic and/or sexual content is prohibited.
4) The advertisement of other online games and projects is forbidden, either explicitly or implicitly.
5) Public statements about the departure from the server/project, as well as public and personal agitation about the transition to another server/project is prohibited.
6) It is forbidden to impersonate a representative of the Administration of the project or talk about their involvement in it.
7) Publication of partial or full correspondence with other players from private messages or private, without the prior consent of all parties involved, except when all or part of the correspondence will be shown as evidence of violation of any rules of the project is prohibited.
8) The sale and purchase of game characters and/or accounts for game and real currency, as well as any game values for real money, as well as equivalent "electronic means of payment" (WebMoney, BitCoin, YandexMoney, etc.) or any other money equivalents is prohibited. Bags of sugar/potatoes/whatever also count. Even if you haven't sold or bought anything, but only tried to - blocking will follow.
9) Forbidden exchange of any game values between the servers of the project. Exchange of game characters and/or accounts is forbidden even within the same server.
10) Any mention or discussion of the cost and methods of exchange of any game values, accounts and/or characters on or off the project is forbidden.
11) Individual events and actions on distribution of game values to other players are forbidden. Be warned that participation in them may lead to unpleasant consequences due to the fact that in most cases game values give away hackers or cheaters.
12) It is forbidden to use in the titles and names of the characters words or prefixes: ADM, GM, Administrator, Admin and the like. It is also forbidden to use in the titles and names of characters nicknames similar to the nicknames of the Administration of the project.

13) It is forbidden to create the appearance of online with the help of bots. The punishment is the ban of all accounts of the participants.

4. The technical side
1) Prohibited the use and abuse of bugs (bugs, deficiencies) server.
2) Allowed the use of software that emulates the presence of the player in the game, changing the client files, changing or facilitating the gameplay on servers named AllowedBOT, on servers named NoDonate is prohibited.
3) Any attempts to gain unauthorized access to other people's player accounts are forbidden.
4) About all found problems, errors and defects of the server should be reported to the Administration of the project immediately.

5. Addendum to the rules
1) This list of rules of the project can be added and/or changed without notification to players.
2) Administration reserves the right to increase or decrease the penalty in each case at its sole discretion.