Description AllowedBOT x1

This server is designed for most Lineage II fans
Started: December 17 at 20:00 Moscow time
Chronicle: Interlude
Rates: х1
Direction: LowRate+PvP

EXP - x1
SP - x1
Party EXP/SP x1.5
Adena - x1 (chance 45%)
Drop - x1
Spoil - x1
Drop quest - х1
Quest reward - x1
Drop Seal Stone - x1 (chance 45%)
Drop Raid Boss - x2
Epic boss drop - x1

EXP - x2
SP - x2
Adena - x1 (90% chance)
Drop - x2
Spoil - x2
Drop quest - x2
Drop Seal Stone - x1 (90% chance)
Drop Raid Boss - x4
Epic boss drop - x2
It is possible to take the Overlord and Warsmith sub-class
Adds skills Noblesse Blessing/Summon CP Potion/Weight Limit 10 lvl

When you create the first character on your account, you get a Premium for 48 hours
Simplified start (starter items)
Coin of Luck can be obtained through playCharacters running speed increased by 10%
Pieces, scrolls, arrows are sell for 75% less

Chat global or 30 lvl
Decreased the rollback of Aggression and Aura of Hate (650 radius)
Armor and Weapons are sold 50% cheaper than the OFF cost

Disrupt Undead and Might of Heaven damage all monsters and characters
BOT allowed
Unique sharpening system
Weight limit increased by 10 times
Global GK
Auction with the ability to sell Weapons with LS
Installed NPC Buffer for Buff Coins
Slots for buff 24+4 Divine Inspiration
Buffs for 8 hours
Lifetime of summons 8 hours
The number of slots in the inventory - 200/220
Number of slots in the recipe book - 100/100
Number of sub-classes - 9
Mana Potion Restore 1000 Mana
PvP zone on Epics
Hero chat upon reaching the PvP counter 200+
Siege of castles and purchase of clan halls are available from level 7 of the clan
The siege of forts is available from clan level 6
For capturing a castle, you can get 1000 Coin of Luck with a 50% chance at the end of the siege
Announcement of the appearance of Nubl/Sub and Epic RB - 20 min. before respawning
PvP rewards
PK does not drop items, can use Teleport
Buy/Sell Slots 6/7, 7/8
Sharpeners and LS stack
The number of clans in the alliance - 6
/unstuck - 30 sec
When removing weapons, the HP buff does not disappear
First and second professions are free
Auto learning skills other than Divine Inspiration
Removed teleport scrolls, potions and arrows from the drop
Autorestart at 6:00 Moscow time

All Epics/RBs have slightly increased P/M.Def, P/M.Atk +10%
Valakas/Antharas/Frinteza/Baium/Zaken resp 6 days + 0-2 hours, chance of jewelry dropping 75%
Ant Queen/Orfen/Core stats reworked, resp. 3 days + 0-2 hours, jewelry drop rate 50%
Zaken/Ant Queen/Orfen/Core 74 level
Fixed respawn of epic RB 20:00 Moscow time + 0-2 hours
Resp of regular RB 12-14 hours
Resp Noblesse and Sub RB 6-8 hours
RB drops 10 Gold Bars/10 Coins of Luck/5000 Buff Coins with a 5% chance
Statistics: .rb (it is possible to teleport to regular RB)

First class transfer price - free
Second class transfer price - free
The price of the third class is 50.000.000 Adena and 5.000.000 Ancient Adena

Any passive level 20-80 monster can become a level 1 Chempion with a 3% chance
HP - x20
HP Reg - x5
Attack speed - x2
Phys. attack - x4
Drop/Spoil/Exp/Sp х25
Drop chance 1 Gold Bar - 10%
Any passive level 20-80 monster can become a level 2 Chempion with a 3% chance
HP - x30
HP Reg - x10
Attack speed - х3
Phys. attack - x6
Drop/Spoil/Exp/Sp х40
Drop chance 3 Gold Bar - 10%
Level difference for dropout rewards - 5 levels

It is possible to sharpen the Hero's weapon
Weapon/Armor/Jewelry - safe +3, maximum +25
Full armor - safe +4, maximum +25
Normal sharpening chance:
Weapons/Armor/Jewelry -+4-+25=60-5%.
If sharpening is unsuccessful, it breaks into crystals
Blessed Enchant Chance:
Weapons/Armor/Jewelry -+4-+25=65-10%
If enchant is unsuccessful, it is reset to +3
Crystal sharpening chance:
Weapons/Armor/Jewelry -+4-+8=70%,+9-+25=99%

Team vs Team:
Time - 12:00 Moscow time
Registration and work time - 10 minutes
Number of participants - 6-100
Registration levels - 74-80
Victory reward - 50 Coin of Luck
The reward is received by players who have committed at least 1 kill
Capture The Flag:
Time - 16:00 Moscow time
Registration and work time - 10 minutes
Number of participants - 6-100
Registration levels - 52-60
Victory reward - 50 Coin of Luck
Death Match:
Time - 20:00 Moscow time
Registration time - 10 minutes
Number of participants - 6-100
Registration levels - 62-70
Victory reward - 50 Coin of Luck
Last Hero:
Time - 00:00 Moscow time
Registration time - 10 minutes
Number of participants - 6-100
Registration levels - 74-80
Kill Reward - 1 Coin of Luck
Victory reward - 100 Coin of Luck

You need to complete a quest or buy a quest item for Adena/Coin of Luck

Opening hours - 12: 00-00: 00 Moscow time
Period - month
Number of participants - 5/5
Victory reward - 500 points


Offline trade or craft is available for 10.000 adena
You can sit on offline trade / craft for 3 days
After the expiration of the term, a new fee is automatically extended

After level 78, for every 60 minutes online, you will be credited with 1 online point
Online points can be exchanged for Coin of Luck

.menu - game menu
.classmaster - call the profession manager window
.offline - activation of offline trading/crafting
.premium - check premium status
.epic - information about Grand Bosses
.rb - statistics RB/GK to RB
.bank deposit/.bank widraw - exchange of GB for Adena

Coin of Luck - can be obtained as a reward for Donating to the server / Bonus for winning on TvT/CTF/DM/LH Events/For online in the game, can be obtained by killing players in PvP, the reward is issued from level 40+ with an interval of 5 minutes, there are checks by the player's IP / HWID, can be knocked out from RB, can be obtained by voting for the server in the ratings
Gold Bar - you can exchange the Exchange section in the game store, rate 1 Gold Bar = 1.000.000 Adena and knock out champions of 1 and 2 levels from RB and from monsters

The description will be added before the start of the server!
If you have any questions or suggestions, if you need help - SUPPORT is always at your service!